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“Oppressive Persecution”

March 5, 2018

 "Oppressive Persecution"


By Seamus

April 25,2016

Every day on social media, we are bombarded by stories of oppression and blasphemy done upon those of the Christian faithful. Some how the small population of nonbelievers in this nation continues to find away to tear down the deeply rooted beliefs of these Christian followers. These poor souls have had to deal with a coffee franchise explicitly selling plain red coffee cups during Christmas time, people actually daring to marry someone of the same sex in the name of love, schools educating children on scientific theories (big bang, evolution and climate change that obviously contradicts biblical teaching) and women deciding to make choices for their own bodies concerning a pregnancy. Ok . . .yes I’m being slightly sarcastic…but not much.

Thanks to a little help from over zealous media outlets(Fox News), asshats like Joshua Feuerstein and other fundamental fatheads, Christians of America are looking for reasons to be upset and scream “persecution!”

One must question the basis of such outrage, considering the far majority of these claims have nothing to do with Christians or their faith. Most of the time the outrage is over others wanting equal rights or the rights to make decisions about their own lives. A same sex couple getting married affects a Christian as much as me eating bacon every morning harms a Muslim. These issues are simply things these Christians claim are against word of their god.

Well I guess it’s no surprise that these Christians are so faithful considering that less than 20% of them attend services regularly(HuffPost ). Or that most of them don’t even know the difference between their Bible and the Quran (HuffingtonPost). Also many, don’t realize that their Bible advocates such crimes as slavery and murder of blasphemers. Shouldn’t those who claim to be so morally superior to others, not only be faithful, but be knowledgeable of their own faith? Seems a bit hypocritical you’d think.

Could it be that these confused and semi-committed followers are just crying fowl because they’re otherwise motivated by these so called ‘oppressive’ actions against their faith? Oh I know, they’ll try that “well it’s a Christian Nation” nonsense, instead just saying why these things upset them. Maybe they want to just be in what is perceived as the majority. And in this majority, they can help keep the status quo. Maintaining what they feel is traditional ‘American Values,’ they cry that their freedom of religion is threatened by such changes. But isn’t that hindering some basic rights and values of other Americans?

One has to wonder, is it that these folks just have some issue against letting others have all the freedoms they feel their entitled to. Is the fear that women will have complete say over their own body? LGBT couples may get to enjoy marriage more than them? Or, is it just another mile lost in the race to maintain the lead as the status quo. Because if its not fear, the one has to consider that it’s hate. If we go down the hate road, the words like bigotry, sexism and discrimination comes up. Those words lead to labels, which leads to more cries of perceived Christian ‘persecution.’ But when we point out such indications of hate and oppression on part of this group, it really means they are actually the ones being persecuted. Because of course, they’re the real victim here…..right?