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“Rascal: a manifesto” a short book review

March 22, 2018

“Rebellion is the spark that will set you free. When you rebel, you become what the enforcer fears more than anything: an outsider, an unbeliever.”

Logospilgrim's “Rascal: a manifesto” landed on me like a gauntlet of truth. The subtitle 'a manifesto' alerts the reader that a declaration awaits them, which is an understatement. “Rascal” is broken into parts representing the 7 deadly sins, which are substituted by names and/or Latin phrases. The sins are not only broken down for what they are and are not, but also used as a vehicle to convey a larger narrative: one of empowerment, self awakening and freedom. In breaking down the 7 deadly sins, Logospilgrim turns them from sins into virtues. These virtues are used for the purpose of enlightenment, as opposed to control through guilt.

“Desire is the genesis of identity.”

Sin is used as an oppressive force that is known as the abuser. The abuser at times takes on a near duality between that of an overbearing jailer and that of a deity. This is not only a statement against such atrocities as domestic violence, but also that of dogmatic abuse under the guise of love and comfort that is religion.

As I read through it, I found myself exclaiming “Yes! Yes!” to myself after ingesting one inspiring statement after another. This short but powerful book should be on every self-help bookshelf, in every abuse shelter and used regularly by Recovery From Religion.


~ Seamus