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Category: Science

“The Freedom of Thought Can Not Be Taken Away, It Can Only Be Given Away.” The Free Thought Prophet: Free thinking humor and enlightenment is our main goal here. We host a weekly Atheist podcast, that post here and on YouTube. We are a group of secular freethinkers who love to talk, debate, enlighten and laugh. We also enjoy SciFi, conspiracy theories, politics, Atheist issues, pints of Guinness, single malt whiskey and low brow humor.

A Special Report ”Atheists Behaving Badly”

June 20, 2022

So much has happened with Atheist Alliance International since we last spoke about them, that we feel compelled to do a special report on the latest shenanighans they have been up to. We also have issued an open invitation to them to come on and speak with us on these matters.

#AtheistAllianceInternational #Atheist