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“The Freedom of Thought Can Not Be Taken Away, It Can Only Be Given Away.” The Free Thought Prophet: Free thinking humor and enlightenment is our main goal here. We host a weekly Atheist podcast, that post here and on YouTube. We are a group of secular freethinkers who love to talk, debate, enlighten and laugh. We also enjoy SciFi, conspiracy theories, politics, Atheist issues, pints of Guinness, single malt whiskey and low brow humor.

September 26, 2022

#310 ”Diogenes At Large”

We will look at the contributions from Jason Sylvester🚽(@Dio_of_Mayberry) to the #atheistallianceinternational clown car.

September 19, 2022

#309 ”A bit of Historical Craic:Gregor MacGregor”

Seamus shares the crazy life of the notorious Gregor MacGregor to Barry, John and Martin. Plus further Shenanigans ensue! 

August 29, 2022

#308 ”Glands, Goats and Radio” A Bit of Historical Craic with Guest Chesh

Seamus share's the unreal story of John Brinkley with Barry, John, Martin and special guest Chesh

August 15, 2022

#307 ”Does Rob Bonta want Atheists to die?”

Are there nepotism issues with #AtheistAllianceInternational ? Are there issues the California AG should look into? Are there IRS issues as well? We explore this and more

August 1, 2022

#306 “Richards Uninterrupted”

John Richards joins us to answer questions about his personal role within #AtheistAllianceInternational . Does he admit to not knowing what was really going on? Does he name who was responsible?

July 18, 2022

LIVE General Meeting of @atheistalliance !

Maybe this notification doesn’t adhere to deadlines stipulated in the Bylaws for General Meetings. It seems that’s okay if we say sorry, so we apologise for that. #AthiestAllianceInternational

July 12, 2022

#305 ”AAI - Anarchy And Incompetence”

It looks like #AtheistAllianceInternational has a new president and more evidence of corruption has been uncovered by the Clever Crew of Celtic Contrarians.


#Seamus #JohnHamill #MartinBoers #BarryPurcell 

July 4, 2022

LIVE: A Very Spirited American Bit of Craic

The Crew of Clever Celtic Contrarians embrace the Patriotic Holiday Season in 'Merica as Seamus shares a special Bit of Historical Craic to Barry, John and Martin.

June 27, 2022

#304 ”That’s Not A Satanist…”

Trevor Bell of the Noosa Temple of Satan joins us to discuss Satanic activism in Australia.

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June 20, 2022

A Special Report ”Atheists Behaving Badly”

So much has happened with Atheist Alliance International since we last spoke about them, that we feel compelled to do a special report on the latest shenanighans they have been up to. We also have issued an open invitation to them to come on and speak with us on these matters.

#AtheistAllianceInternational #Atheist 

May 30, 2022

#303 ”The Inside Outsider” with David Orenstein

David Orenstein comes on in an effort to explain to the unethical behavior of #AtheistAllianceInternational.

May 25, 2022

Special Episode: ”Another AAI Insider Speaks” with Guest: Shirley Rivera

Join us as Shirley Rivera blows the whistle on the unethical actions conducted by Atheist Alliance International to the crew from The Free Thought Prophet

May 18, 2022

#302 LIVE: ”Supreme Shiteheads”

The crew of Clever Celtic Contrarians returns! Join them as they drink too much & talk shite about the news of the week: Elections in Ireland, Atheist Alliance International and SCOTUS BS.

May 2, 2022

Part 1 of #301 All The Way Live

If you don't want to hear all 2&1/2 hours of this mega Live episode, you can listen to part 1 and A Bit of Historical Craic separately. In Part 1 we review stories that have piqued our interest from the Secular World and the Culture Wars. We Hope you enjoy it.

May 2, 2022

James Fifield The Father of Republican Jesus: A Bit of Historical Craic

A Bit of Historical Craic taken from the epic #301 All The Way Live: Seamus shares the tale of the Reverend James Fifield, Jr. The Father of Republican Jesus to Barry, Martin and John 


#History #RepublicanJesus #301

April 22, 2022

”Misadvising The UN” Episode #300 with Michael Nugent

"Misadvising The UN" Episode #300 with Michael Nugent

For the 300th episode Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland joins us to talk about the current state of organized atheism internationally

April 15, 2022

”Fine Tuning Debate Review” Episode #299 with Barry Purcell

"Fine Tuning Debate Review" Episode #299 with Barry Purcell

Barry joins John as they critique Seamus's debate with Travis Worth of PorA/RTB  on the claim of a fine tuned universe.

April 10, 2022

”Breaking The Silence”LIVE!: Special Guest: Michael Sherlock

"Breaking The Silence"LIVE!: Special Guest: Michael Sherlock

Michael Sherlock sets the record straight by sharing never before details about Atheists Alliance International with John and Seamus


April 8, 2022

”Normalizing Atheism” Episode #298 with Pasta Mike

"Normalizing Atheism" Episode #298 with Pasta Mike
Pasta Mike joins John and Seamus to talk whiskey and Normalizing Atheism.

April 1, 2022

”The Mind Of A Skeptical Leftist” Episode #297 with Corey Johnston

"The Mind Of A Skeptical Leftist" Episode #297 with Corey Johnston
Corey Johnston discusses anarchy, leftist activism and the atheists community with John and Seamus